Peer to Peer Recognition

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Celebrate the heroes who shape your culture.

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Breathe life into your corporate values

Who are your positive influencers? How can you use your employee recognition program to tap into their strengths and entrench the values throughout the entire company?

Since you can’t be everywhere at once, use social peer to peer recognition to spread values virally. Encourage employees to look beyond their own cubicles and add real-life success stories to your virtual recognition wall, stories that feature colleagues who bring your core values into play everyday. Everyone gets inspired by people they can relate to, peers who embody the critical behaviours that fuel performance.

Meaningful recognition goes beyond warm and fuzzy

Employee recognition that connects your strategy, culture and the essential part employees play in achieving success better supports your business than frequent but vague praise for a job well done.

Properly recognised and rewarded employees become loyal fans with a shared sense of purpose that boosts their level of engagement and validates your strategy.

Transparency is key

As employees get recognised for their contribution, empower them to share the spotlight with teammates who supported the efforts that got them there.

Even with thousands of employees, your company feels like a close-knit community working towards a common goal and achieving success, as a team. When employees develop a powerful sense of ownership and shared identity, your success becomes their success.

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