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A Leading provider of financial and risk services wanted to implement a flexible recognition programme that would enable all divisions to use one system to support their individual strategies and goals in a framework that would be able to track, monitor and report on that.

The Goal

The overall programme goals were to:

  • Supports their strategy to drive attainment of the 2014 strategic goals by encouraging the desired behaviours that will enable the organisation to achieve its short term to long-term goals,
  • Entrenches the Values of the organisation,
  • Addresses employee engagement issues with regards to recognition specifically, and
  • Supports the Group’s change management strategy.

In addition, the recognition system aims to:

  • Empower leadership at all levels to recognize people,
  • Empower peer recognition,
  • Focus on behaviours and results that support the Divisional and Group objectives and values,
  • Allow for on-the spot, local as well as prestigious recognition, and
  • Create multiple recognition opportunities.


Our Solution

ThunderMark Recognition implemented a full Employee Recognition Programme based on the values and behaviours which the organisation wants to entrench with their workforce.

The programme is run via our online, web-based solution which offers:

  • Multiple levels of Recognition i.e. Peer to peer; Manager on-the-spot; Quarterly and Annual awards;
  • A ‘hall of fame’ displaying recognition throughout the organisation which ensures transparency;
  • A smart, simple, solution which makes it easy to use and impactful;
  • On-the-spot recognition allows management to recognise employees instantly with a monetary value automatically loaded onto a personalised branded MasterCard gift card;
  • Budget allocation and monitoring per division per manager to ensure strict budget control in line with corporate governance;
  • Effective and in-depth reporting measures, monitors and tracks performance which allows the organisation to take pro-active measures to ensure desired objectives is achieved;
  • Regular and informative communication sent out to all participants to further motivate and inspire them;
  • Ensures flexibility of the programme with the ability to easily adapt to changes in organisational needs; and
  • Provides a fun, social platform for colleagues to interact and engage.

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