What does Recognition do?

It entrenches the goals and objectives of the organisation
by using positive reinforcement
to influence behavioural change

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All your employee recognition initiatives, awards and sales incentives managed easily on our platform.

Your core values are unique to your organisation. They reflect your culture – a significant competitive asset – and help transform your mission and vision into reality. To succeed, it’s vital that your recognition programme not only supports but enhances your cultural strengths.

At ThunderMark, we believe that a highly successful recognition programme – one that inspires employees, turns managers into raving fans and drives real value for the organisation – requires integrated and sustained internal communication to reinforce positive behaviour, help entrench positive thinking and foster a can-do attitude throughout the organisation.

We understand that time is at a premium and that managing such a programme can be daunting.

That’s why we have the ThunderMark platform to automate many administrative tasks, reminders, and provide quick, simple-to-use tools that incite everyone to participate in your recognition initiatives frequently and effortlessly.

The result is a dynamic, engaging programme that boosts your culture and fosters a stronger, highly positive relationship between employees and employer.

The power of Recognition

  • Strengthens employee loyalty and commitment
  • Improved employee behaviour
  • Increased organisational and individual productivity
  • Enhanced teamwork
  • Greater customer satisfaction and loyalty